Jay T. Hembree, MAI

State Certified General Appraiser


South Carolina


Commercial appraisals

Hembree Valuation Services, Inc. has nearly 20 years of commercial appraising experience.  Jay Hembree is a State Certified General Appraiser with licenses in Georgia, South Carolina & Florida.  Jay has appraised commercial properties ranging from condominiums, office buildings, and shopping centers to marinas, wetlands, and railroads.

Jay T. Hembree, MAI


Eminent Domain
Right of way

Eminent domain appraisal services are one of Jay Hembree’s specialties.  The government has the right to acquire private property through eminent domain as long as the property owner is compensated.  Hembree Valuation Services, Inc. provides current market appraisals for those that are impacted by eminent domain.


Jay Hembree provides an expert witness testimony and litigation support in Georgia, Florida & South Carolina.  We understand the court system and are here to provide the service you need.

Tax Appeal

Are you looking into getting your property taxes reduced?  Jay Hembree will work with you to determine if there is evidence to present at a hearing that justifies a property tax reduction.


Hembree Valuation Services, Inc. provides current market appraisals for multi-family and residential properties.   Residential appraisals are ordered when estates are being settled after the passing of a loved one.  Private property appraisals are also ordered by owners when their land is being acquired by the government through eminent domain.

Customer Testimonials

Jay provided evidence in court that enabled me to successfully dispute my property taxes. I recommend him as an expert witness to many of my clients.
Jack Addams
The SC DOT was forcing me to sell them my property in order to make way for a new highway. Hembree Valuation Services helped me to negotiate a fair market value for my property and we settled with the State. I couldn't have done it without him!
Abigail Harding
South Carolina Property Owner
I was approached by an investor to buy my apartment building. I wasn't aware of the market value until Jay appraised my property. He turned around the report quickly and was very professional.
David Hedger
Commercial Real Estate Owner

Jay T. Hembree, MAI

Litigation Assignments
Property Tax Appeals
Happy Clients
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