Eminent Domain & DOT Appraisals in Kentucky

Eminent Domain & Right of Way

Condemning Authorities

The DOT and governments quite often view the appraisal process from the standpoint of properties in mass quantities. If you have been approached by a condemning authority that plans to take a portion or all of your property, you may be thinking "Am I getting a fair deal?" or "is the condemning authority really attempting to provide me with just compensation for my property, or are they just simply trying to get the most they can for the least amount of money so that their project can proceed within budget?"

Negotiation is Key

In the end, most condemnation cases are settled through competent and proper negotiation, especially when professional appraisers are involved. Hembree Valuation Services has been providing expert opinions in eminent domain cases for over 15 years and our valuations have helped settle hundreds of eminent domain cases. In addition, for those cases that do not settle, Jay T. Hembree, MAI has been qualified as an expert witness throughout Georgia, has often been deposed in depositions involving eminent domain cases, and has testified as an expert witness multiple times in courts of law for trial purposes. He is always prepared to defend his opinion of value; whether it be in depositions or in trial.

You Deserve Fair Compensation

Having your own appraisal report from a reputable appraiser with an MAI designation will always strengthen your negotiating position. Jay T. Hembree, MAI will stay involved in the process with you from beginning to end and will always be glad to answer your questions and help make sure you are getting just compensation for your property.

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